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Gigafast Cable Type - Fibre Optic

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I am currently preparing ahead for install of fibre optic cabling on a new Vodafone Gigafast connection.


Does anyone know which type of fibre optic cabling is used at install (e.g Duplex vs. Single Mode connection)? I'm hoping to get ahead with some of the wiring in-house before the install and want to ensure I get the same type to match


If not anyone who has the connection already and could provide a screenshot of the fibre cable connector would also be great so I can do some investigation



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Thank for getting in touch with us @BankableBowl51, I’ve done a bit of digging and I've been able to find that we have a mode listed as "Duplex mode" if this means anything to you. Unfortunately this isn’t something we would be able to provide more information on. 

You can also reach out to our dedicated Gigafast team on 08080 034 515, hopefully they will be able to confirm this for you. If not, you can also reach out to our fibre provider City Fibre for a bit more information.

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