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Other broadband queries

Gigafast FTTH & VOIP

3: Seeker

I currently have FTTH with new VF router which has  POTS ports. When I started the service I did not ask for VOIP. I am thinking of asking for enabling VOIP as a second line, NOT porting my existing BT line. Be interested in any user experience with the VOIP service in Milton Keynes.

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13: Advanced Member

You can obtain a VOIP service from the likes of Voipfone, Sipgate, AA.  The Gigaset DECT base station and Gigaset phones is a possibility. The base station can connect to both your phone line and by ethernet to your router.

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4: Newbie

i got a new 01908 number when I had my VF gigafast installed. All worked fine from the off. But I've now removed the VF router and installed a 3rd party Draytek in its place. However, this doesn't have POTS ports and been told by VF support that I can no longer use my new 01908 service. I'm looking at porting it to after a tip from an MKBAGer. 

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