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Other broadband queries

Gigafast in Ipswich and 5G

10: Established



I would like to kindly request a PM from a moderator if at all possible, concerning the above mentioned subject.  


To everyone at Vodafone and the community, stay safe.


007 ( licenced to thrill )



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17: Community Champion

Hey @JamesBond 


The problem here is if this is account specific you need to follow the same route as all other Vodafone customers who post on the forum and contact the Team through the social channels here,: Contact Us for Account Specific Enquires .  Alternatively, speak to the Broadband SupportTeam here:  Broadband and Home Phone FAQ's 


For any other Gigafast enquiries the information is here: Gigafast Fibre Home Broadband 


If you gave an indication of the problem, you should get a better response, it does seem that you have two separate product enquiries Gigafast and 5G reception.

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