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Other broadband queries

Gigafast modem?

2: Seeker

I'll be having Gigafast 900 installed in under a month and I have a few questions.


Currently my setup is Virgin Media Superhub in modem mode going in to an Apple Airport which takes care of all the routing and wifi. It works perfectly.

I'd ideally like to keep this kind of setup for Gigafast but some searching has shown that the supplied Vodafone router is unable to be put in to modem mode. I've tried to do some searching for a "standalone modem" but I've been going round in circles and can't seem to pin down if such a thing even exists.

I was hoping someone could either point me in the direction of any kit that will suit my needs or if what I'm trying to do isn't really possible?

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16: Advanced member

On Gigafast there is no "modem", depending on your location you either get an ONT or a PON, but these connect to the router via an ethernet cable.  So far, so good...  The problem is that the router needs to log onto the network with a username and password (same PPPoE as if you had a system that uses a modem) which is fine, BUT the router needs to insert a VLAN tag into the packet headers.  The VLAN tags are proving to be problematic since on some systems you need to do this via the IPTV settings and on other routers and some mesh systems, there is no provision to do this.  *Some help files for the Google Nest and Home devices suggest you can use a network managed (or even smart) switch to transparently insert the VLAN tags.  **Where ever possible it's best to avoid double NATting though recently there has been a user on these boards deliberately double batting for a specific purpose!

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