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Other broadband queries

Gigafast not going anywhere

2: Seeker

Router installed.  Gigafast cables in place.  Boxes drilled to outside of the house.  But cityfibre checked and ignored a blockage in the wires they installed 9 months ago.  Or did they even check they worked.  Who knows cause they refuse to communicate with me.  And Vodafone won't push for a resolution anytime soon.  Been a new Vodafone customer for 5 days.  Now 5 days without the internet.  Only have capped phone data.  Told one thing by one Vodafone rep (2 days to sort) and totally the opposite from another (at least two weeks before they even think about it).  Did I make a mistake?  How is your experience?

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3: Seeker

Hi there,


Had no problems with installation and had a great service for the first couple of weeks (til end of September) but problems with the router "self-resetting" ever since. Turns out after many hours on the phone and online chat to different people (and a replacement router being sent out) that its the firmware on the Gigafast router not being compatible with Apple devices and though a fix was promised a couple of weeks ago, they're now advising it'll take til January. 


I've given them til then to sort it and if they can't I'm leaving (they've agreed to waive any contractual obligations if its not resolved to my satisfaction by then). 


Hard work but in the couple of weeks it worked (before iOS 13 / Catalina being installed) it was the fastest and most reliable WIFI I've ever had. 


Good luck!

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Hey @Mrj6j, your experience certainly isn't what we'd expect and we'd love to help get you up and running! 

Please contact us via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or get in touch on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK

Make sure to pop your username and link to this thread in your message too, this will save you having to explain again and we can help you quicker. 

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