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Other broadband queries

Gigafast number issue - Aberdeen

2: Seeker

So it seems Vodafone have from the start assigned me a Stirling (01786) number to my account, despite me living in Aberdeen and an 01224 (Aberdeen) number showing on my gigafast acount. History of the account,  I have had Gigafast for a few months, been running my Sky broadband and phone along side it as i was still in contract but it had been unrelaible hence going for Gigafast with Voda. Anyways shut down the Sky line and broadband awhile ago. Plugged in the phone to the after giving out my new number to everyone.. yet for a good while i get no calls. My son informs me the 01224 nubmer doesnt work when calling to it and he came over and called out and it showed up a 01786 number. I've spoke on live chat and have been awaiting this to be sorted but quite a few weeks have gone by and no contact.. maybe they are trying to call the 01224 number (ha!) 

Just wondering when this will be sorted, i rather feel let down by Vodafone due to the lack of follow up on this issue and rectifiying it. I've tried calling a few times but can only do it when it is busy.. and i dont have the time to hang about. 

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Hey @GGGG, Do you have a social media account? If so pop us a private message on Facebook or Twitter with your full name, account number, the phone number currently attached to your account and a link to this thread. One of our team will pick it up, take ownership of it and get everything sorted while you go about your day!

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