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Other broadband queries

Have anyone tried NordVPN and is it good as described?

1: Seeker

Recently PCMag published that NorrdVPN is rockstar in the VPMN market. Is it good as described or better look for alternatives?

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6: Helper



I have used Nordvpn for over a year on various devices.


My conclusions


Speed - Very good - there is a drop off in speed using it I found about 10% /15%  (When i was with sky)

Connection - The connection's were pretty rock solid throughout from many of the UK servers i used.

6 Devices - Should be enough to cover all your devices at the same time if required

Pricing - Reasonably priced if taken longer subscriptions plans

Software - pc / mac /android all straight forward to use


You could always try out their monthly trial see how you get on.



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6: Helper

I'm using NordVPN since Vodafail is messing up my speeds leaving me unable to watch IPTV streams.

I've not had any problems what soever







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