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Other broadband queries

Have you got a question Are you not happy with this forum

16: Advanced member

If you have been asking questions on the forum and admin and staff are not replying or If you are unhappy with how this forum and social live chat is being run it may be worth contacting the new CEO of Vodafone by email.

Vodafone UK's new chief executive Ahmed Essam can be contacted via ( the email address is on this newspaper clipping. Vodafone are blocking me from typing it here )

It's a shame when you have got to email the new CEO of Vodafone because the forum admin won't talk to us 

here is a list of the other executive 

I sure the emails address will be on google 

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16: Advanced member

Wow, it's a bit much when a company makes the national newspapers for poor service, and even more so that they think they have to spell out the exact procedure to complain.

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11: Established



Well the email address seems to be his name @ vodafone . com, perhaps the form of address should be

Dear Mr   ahmed.essam   rather than Sir/Madam?



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