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Help cant access account!

2: Seeker

My dad moved house and you called him to say you couldn't supply Internet in that area (it's the middle of nowhere). You advised you would have to close his account and he may get a closing bill but to ignore it because it is you who closed the account not him. Now he has received a letter from bailiffs!! He has tried to contact you and a lady said it was right he didn't owe it and put him through to a different dept to get bailiffs cancelled but they said they can't access his account because he can't remember his pass code. He has been in a motorbike accident and suffered serious head injury. He can't remember daft stuff like what a toaster is called! He has all account details and address dob etc but they won't let him in to cancel it. Stress causes him to have fits and he needs this sorting. How can you leave him like this when you know he doesn't owe it please can someone help?

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13: Advanced Member

Someone will need to call Vodafone while in the presence of your father and go through as much as is possible in order to get everything closed down - there is nothing that anyone is going to be able to sort through these forums.

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Hi @DMSharpe It looks like your dad's been in touch with our customer services team and due to his memory loss, they've been unable to complete security with him. So we can update his details, please ask him to visit his local Vodafone store with photo ID. Once his details are up to date, we'll be able to complete security with him, get to the bottom of this bill and clear any erroneous charges for him.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @DMSharpe 


This is not right, your Dad has had a serious accident and can't be expected to be taken into a Vodafone Store just to verify identity.


All that should be needed is for your Dad to give you full authorisation over the account, if Vodafone are able to verify identity by date of birth, address etc that should be sufficient to pass data protection.


There is also this link from the website.  Lasting Power of Attorney don't know if it will help.


There is also the complaints route: Complaints 

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17: Community Champion

I'm not sure if the number on this link goes to anyone more specific but it may be worth getting yourself added to as a 'trusted friend' on your dad's account, you should then be able to carry out all future correspondence


Additionally, the team should be trained to deal with mental illness, which should include brain injury as is the situation in this case. 

It may be worth giving them a call before heading into a store however if you're unable to provide enough details to pass the data protection checks over the phone then a physical ID check may be the only option, it should really be a last resort though. 

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