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Other broadband queries

Home broadband cancellation

2: Seeker



I have been having loads of issues with my broadband speeds over the last 3-4 weeks. I am supposed to be getting 38mbs and recently I am getting 1-9mbs over WiFi and anywhere between 10-50mbs through a wired connection. I have complained many times over the last few weeks and eventually I was told yesterday that Vodafone couldn't provide me with the speeds that they promised me and that they were taking 15% off my bill for the remainder of the contract. This doesn't work for me as I need a reliable speed. I want to cancel my account as this is in breach of contract, but I am being made to jump through hoops with numerous pointless speed tests. I was told today by Tech Team 2 that they wouldn't put me through to the cancellation team as I was unwilling to pay the early termination fee????? Why should I have to pay a fee when the service I am paying for is not what I signed up for and that the 15% reduction was automatically put onto my account without talking to me about it first?

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14: Advanced member

Once outside of the 30 day "free to cancel" period in order to leave without exit fees you have to go through a specific process.


So you need to look up Vodafone’s Code of practice: (also in the help at the bottom of this page).


You should also look at the advice from Ofcom:


If you follow the complaint resolution process and your complaint is justified then it should either be fixed or you should be allowed to leave without charge - but it does take time!


Along with your specific complaint, you probably also want to consider if Vodafone made any specific claims for their service (in addition to those in your contract) that they are unable to fulfill.


One problem that you my well face is that the level one techs are close to useless, and may tell you to do things that are not just ineffective, but may be downright detrimental to your connection.  Much of this revolves around the 2.4GHz WiFi band and the ability of the router to deliver the bandwidth that you are paying for.  If you have multiple WiFi devices on the 2.4GHz WiFi band then there is nothing that you or Vodafone can do with the supplied router to get the throughput you are paying for!  But, do try to judge your speed using real life situations, and don't just rely on Vodafone's London Speedtest server (it's so over subscribed as to be a joke), use multiple speedtest servers to instead.  So even if you follow the level one techs advice on how to judge your internet speeds, if you then end up talking to the level 2 techs the goal posts will change!


*You might want to include the unreasonable amount of time it takes to get through to tech support in any complaints that you submit!

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