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Other broadband queries

Home broadband customer services

2: Seeker

Why are the 1st level customer service staff always on a power trip and think they can solve every problem, but just ends up wasting your time? Why does the 1 level person speaks on your behalf? Why are customers not allowed to speak the person or team they ask to speak to all because this power trip? Are the people higher up actually afraid to speak to customers and help solve problems? Does Vodafone home broadband customer services think that actual customers are not important or not good enough? I have lost count the amount of times i have had to explain what is going on too so many different 1 level people and still my problem is not solved. But what do you get in reply, "oh they tried to contact you and left a message" yet NO ONE has phoned or left a message! Is this really acceptable?

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Hi @alrightson, if you send our Broadband Specialists a message over Twitter or Facebook, the team will be able to check what's happening with your service and what has been done so far. If this needs escalating to our second line support, the team can do this from the social media channels. You can find the contact details here, just remember to include your Community username in the message. 

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