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Other broadband queries

Home broadband dropping out

1: Seeker

Having constant drop outs with home broadband. Tried the usual steps of hard wiring and using cable instead of WiFi. Spoken with live chat who went through splitting SSid etc. Still having issues with it dropping. This is such an inconvenience not sure what to do next. 


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9: Established

Me too...  new to Vodafone - about two weeks now so the ten day optimisation period has passed...


Two x iPad Air 2 in use and both keep stopping frequently with the message:  "Safari can't open the page because it can't find the server" and sometimes followed with something like, "your iPad is not connected to the internet.  


If I then change the wifi connection to either of the two extender bands, 'Ext5-VodafoneConnectxxxxxxxx' or 'Ext2-VodafoneConnectxxxxxxxx' or from either of those to the router 'VodafoneConnectxxxxxxxx' (all three showing a full strength signal) the connection is resumed immediately.


it really is infuriating as my previous service (EE with a Brightbox 2 Router) never glitched in over two years.


Is it the Vodafone service, the router or my two iPads?  I have cleared internet cached, restarted iPads, I have even tried swearing at them but to little avail.  It happens frequeuntly, without warning and at various times of day?


Any thoughts or pointers appreciated.

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12: Established

VF's router is a bit ##~##.  If the issue is just wifi related, you could disable the wifi on it, and attach your previous brightbox (with DHCP turned off) and use it for wifi.


After a "dropout", it would be worth logging into the router to see if it has rebooted, or just reconnected on the line.  If both values are greater than the gap between the drop out and logging into the router then the issue is most likely wifi related.  If the values are small, then you either have a line or router fault.

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9: Established

Thanks for reply...  not entirely sure what I am looking at but one thing that stands out is the significant number of these entry pairs...


11.12.2018 21:55:38 WLAN enabled, device type: Main, SSID: VodafoneConnectxxxxxxxx, band: 5ghz LAN
11.12.2018 21:55:33 WLAN disabled, device type: Main, SSID: VodafoneConnectxxxxxxxx, band: 5ghz


there are a whole bunch of others that show ipad disconnect and then reconnect but I'll need to see it happening as it were to air sure that it s not just an iPad going to sleep.


good pointer for me though, thanks. 

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