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Home computer wireless adapter never finds router but can find remote signals

2: Seeker

Hi all.

Hope someone can help as directors office don't get this. I have the latest router with its cloud based software. All RJ45 Ethernet sockets used up by devices sending the signal elsewhere so my poor PC has to connect wirelessly. In a nut shell the adapter will pick up remote wireless signals but not the Vodafone router's wireless signal. Also the home broadband app says the PC is connected via Ethernet which it definitely is not.


So the router refuses to hook up to wifi adapter via the cloud based software. The slightly older Netgear adapter can find a signal via any of the Netgear range extenders but not the one within a few feet of it - the Vodafone router. Also the latest Mesh technology range extenders would not couple with this router for any length of time so I am using four year old Netgear range extender technology but it does work.


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16: Advanced member

I think I know what you are doing....

Your WiFi adapter appears to be connecting to the range extender - if that's a powerline based extender, then anything that connects via it is going to appear to be connected via a cable - because the link from the router to power line extenders is a cable!


If it's at all possible unplug EVERYTHING and power off the extenders and get the PC WiFi set up while there is nothing else connected or powered on.  Keep it simple for now, once it's working and you can backtrack then you can complicate it!

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the reply. It worked.



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