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Home network setup

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I currently run a Velop mesh network in my house with multiple nodes, reason is L shape of house and it is an old stone building (some walls over 2 feet thick).

I have read on here and elsewhere about various setups so my question is.

My master node is currently connected directly to my vodafone modem with ethernet cable and I was planning to just replace my current vodafone modem/router with new one so don't understand why people are using 3rd party modems or looking to reconfigure vodafone modem/router to just modem only E.G. what are the benefits to this?


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The simple answer is that if what you have is working for you, then you really don't need to change it!  For me over the first few weeks with the Vodafone router I just found that there was more and more than I needed it to do, that it wasn't very good at.  So I had issues with file sharing and DNLA/UPnP.  On top of this before switching to VF I'd been using my own routers and had household networks back into the early 1990's, so as much as anything I've grown used to this kind of setup, and found the basic VF setup restrictive.  I've all kinds of smarts in the house, several Raspberry Pis doing different jobs (including a Pi Zero hanging off the back of the router as a DNS server - PiHole) and at the last count 40-50 different devices that can be connected!  With all that going on, I'm not the only person here, so anything I do MUST be transparent and require ZERO intervention by others to get working!



Thanks for the reply but the what works for me might notbe the best setup which why I was asking.

If there is something I can do to improve my home network more than willing to give it a try .

I don't have any home equipment needing the network just the usual phones, tablets, smart TV's and laptops. So if my basic setup is best then great if I can improve it to have a more stable network then any help is appreciated.