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Homebroad band

2: Seeker

Home broad band !!!!!

home broad band what a joke, the tv advert is false and full of lies , I connected in feb 29th 2018, fibre 38 , terms and conditions says if falls below 25 mbps money would be taken off if not fixed, still waiting for it to be fixed still getting between 4-15 mbps and cutting out all the time everything failing , can’t watch any film a film of 1.5 hours would buffer continuously and take 6 hours to watch , security cameras going offline all the time and they still ain’t fixed it and yet they keep forcing me to pay full bill or threatened to be cut off completely , promises promises all the time it be fixed I’ll have money off but still nothing, I’ve tried phoning them but get rude operators I’ve tried the Facebook way gets fobbed off and live chat just gets oh in 72 hours be fixed everytime and oh it haven’t been logged till now


comete and utter joke I have now contacted trading standards 

2: Seeker

To continue , couldn’t add screen speed examples on last message try again, srcurity cameras getting kicked off line every second, posts to media takes half hour you name it I’m getting nothing but hassle

 They won’t let me post the speeds how amazing is that

ive got checks filling up my phone memory where I got so many


Thanks for getting in touch with us @Dekingtut1970. I'm disappointed to hear of your recent experience with your home broadband. There's nothing worse than slow speeds. Are the devices you're referring to connected via wired or WiFi? I ask because it may be that your router has an issue we need to look into.

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