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House move. I need old ppoe username and password combination

2: Seeker

Hi All.


I've moved houses twice now and each time I've had the same issue. Vodafone decide to change the ppoe password but what they don't understand is the router still uses the old username and password combination regardless of what they do. The first house move had the same issue. Someone managed to find the old username and password and reverted it back to what it originally was. My second house move they now can't find the old username and password set against the account. 



Is there any moderators on here who can search my account details and find my original ppoe username and password that I was allocated. (We ran a session test and found it was using the old username so I actually have the old username. It's just the password I need ). Once we have the old password used we can then update the ppoe to use the old username and password combination. The router can then use whatever it as hardcodes to use and I'll have internet again..

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Hi @Mohim2k13, you normally get a new Username and Password when you complete a Home Move. That's very strange why that's happening.


In order for us to look into your account, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


Alternately, you can contact us via our Facebook/Twitter channel or 191.



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