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Other broadband queries

How do I speak to customer service about moving home

1: Seeker

I have been waiting and waiting on the phone, using up all my mobile minutes, trying to contact Vodafone to arrange transfer of my broadband to a new house.

I've never had a problem with the broadband, but never had to contact customer services.

Is there an email address I can try instead. I am an unpaid carer for my wife and it is critical that I get the broadband moved, because I use it constantly for information and contacts when caring for my wife.

Can anyone suggest another way to contact Vodafone, I just cant keep waiting on the phone using up my minutes, its stressful enough trying to move house while caring for my disabled wife.

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Hi @antonysevans I understand how important it is for you to get your broadband sorted out! We have a dedicated home move team that are only contactable by calling 191. I appreciate there can sometimes be a delay in getting through, but they are working as fast as they possibly can to get to all calls.  

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1: Seeker

Thank you for your reply Adam.

My problem was that I am not with Vodafone for mobile, so couldn't call 191. Because it was taking so long to get through to someone about moving my broadband to another house I was using up all my mobile minutes, and they are critical to me since I am a carer for my wife, the same with broadband.


However, after my complaint, customer services were in touch really quickly and the move is now scheduled.


Full marks for customer service!!!!

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