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Other broadband queries

How do they get your number???

4: Newbie

We only signed up with VF 30 days ago.

We had no line at the house prior to that - new build - and only needed the broadband so have never used the phone nor given the number to anyone.

So how is it we have already started to receive calls from ficticious numbers (not that we have answered any as no one has the number).

Guess it must be some software somewhere just dialing numbers at random until someone answers.


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4: Newbie

It's could be previously used  number from a dis connected line on the exchange, have you tried googling it ?


I've not had many nuisance calls since switching to Vodafone. I think they must be doing something to stop them since before with BT I was getting up to 5 a day before the call protect facility was released. Unless it's something to do with the new GDPR rules or something. Are you registered with TPS ?

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