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How many landline phones can I plug into the Vox 3.0 (THG3000G)

2: Seeker

Can someone tell me how many landline phones I can plug into the Vox 3.0 (THG3000G) please? From this image of what I believe is the Vox 3.0 it appears I could plug in two landline phones:

However, I have read elsewhere (however it may have been about another router) that it's only possible to plug in one phone. I'm planning on signing up for Gigafast, but before I do I need to know the answer.

Could someone please confirm if I can plug in two phones at the same time please?

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Hi @Bernie888 👋 Great to hear you're looking to join our speedy Gigafast service! 

While it does have 2 ports available in the router to use, I'd advise speaking with our dedicated Gigafast team when calling 08080 044 668. They'll be able to find what speeds you can expect in your area, the best deal for you and can confirm whether setting up two landlines is available for you.

If there's anything else we can help with in the future, or you'd like to update the thread with what they advise for other users with similar queries, please drop back to us on the thread here!

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