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Other broadband queries

How to Set up a third party router with vodafone 2019

14: Advanced member


The first thing you need to do is ask vodafone for your user name and password . live chat with vodafone is best because you can copy and paste the name and password into the router. ( some users did write it down wrong. password is lower and upper case . username watch out for zero and o )


The setting are the same for all the router it's down to the isp (the setting page will be laid out difference but the setting are still the same , eg

vodafone setting are

Vlan ID - 101

enable 802.1q (not on every router)

Username  - ******

Username - ******  ( for business customers )

Password - ********


MTU Size : 1492

rest of the setting auto detect when the router and the dslam are negotiating with each other


List of third party router that work well with vodafone will update as more router are confirmed working 100%

technicolor tg589vac :            ADSL and VDSL router with Ethernet + dual band Wifi 

Netgear rbk40  :                       ADSL and VDSL router with Ethernet + Tri-Band technology

Netgear D6220                        ADSL and VDSL router with Ethernet + dual band Wifi 

Netgear Nighthawk D7800    ADSL and VDSL router with Ethernet + dual band Wifi 

The DrayTek Vigor 130:           ADSL and VDSL modem with Ethernet                                ( UK model )

TP-Link AC 1600                      ADSL and VDSL router with Ethernet + dual band Wifi 

TP-Link VR600                        ADSL and VDSL router with Ethernet + dual band Wifi 

TP-Link W9970                        ADSL and VDSL router with Ethernet + dual band Wifi 

asus ac68u                              ADSL and VDSL router with Ethernet + dual band Wifi 







vlan 911


Username - *******

Password - ********


List of routers that work with gigafast

Asus RT-AC86U 

Cisco 5506-X

Linksys EA9500

netgear nighthawk ar500



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3: Seeker

1) Does it not seem a bit ridiculous that one would have to purchase a 3rd party router rather than use the one provided by vodafone?

2) Who exactly do we need to speak to in order to get that login information for our account? I assume it is hidden and/or not identifiable within the existing vodafone router config.

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14: Advanced member


Read the first post again lol

The first thing you need to do is ask vodafone for your user name and password . live chat with vodafone is best because you can copy and paste the name and password into the router.

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2: Seeker

Hi all,


i have a netgear R7000 running dd-wrt. I’ve tagged the wan port of the router in vlan 911 but I’m still getting no joy. Is anyone else running dd-wrt with gigafast successfully? Cheers

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2: Seeker

I have been using an ASUS RT-N56U Router alongside the supplied Vodafone one, using the Voda as just the Modem.

Previously I used an ASUS DSL-N55U and that is the Modem also version of the 56 I suppose ( does not seem to be ANY difference in their functions )

Since getting hold of the username and password for my ASUS Modem, I was overjoyed, however, I have yet to be able to connect.

There seems to be a whoel host of options that I am not  in posession of, such as LLC or VC_MUX, VPI, VCI and so on... I have been trying out so many things in the last coupel of days on and off, and its a killer trying to work out if this Modem is even useable with Voda? I have also tried all the default setups such as SKY, BT, and the like, and just editted those settings, but again nothing.
The Vodafone own router takes around 2 minutes to log on from being powered off, tis is by far, the lognest that any provider has ever done, and so I try to give the ASUS as much time as I can... It does try connecting bu tthen it comes back with internet down.
I have also tried AUTOSETTING, and this tries to gather the protocols etc but the modem, keeps telling me that it is not even connected to the phone line? ( Yes, I have checked this modem at 2 of my mates houses, on SKY and on TalkTalk and its fine )
So I have a horrible feeling that this mode, is NOT compatible with Vodafone.
One other small annoyance, is that I could not find the PSU and so as I love this router so much, I just bought another one, just because I need a PSU.... Its not even here yet and I just found the PSU.


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15: Advanced member

@FatRacoon Hi the problem with the Asus DSL-N55U is that it does not have a VDSL capable modem only an ADSL modem, and as such is incompatible with VFs FTTC service.  Sorry, but there is no way to get this working with the service that you have!

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2: Seeker

Ah, thats cool.
At least I know now... I can stop wasting my time with it.
I also know what other routers I can check out instead... Thank you my friend.

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15: Advanced member

Not a problem, you are not the first to have done this, and you will not be the last!

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2: Seeker

Argh, now I am just annoyed to heck.

I have the username and password and I hope all the other info required to get the Modem conected, I find out that mine is not VDSL ( None are ) and so today, I wenmt out and splashed out on a nice expensive new VDSL router thats in the list of known ones that do work with Vodafone, and I still cannot get connected.

In fairness, the DSL LED is showing up and so I am definitely linked, but it turns out my username and/or password is incorrect.

So, I phone up Vodafone and I explained that I just needed to verify my username and password, and as it turned out, the username I was using was missing the "l" and so its started with "ds4" instead of "dsl4"  but also one of the characters in the password was also an "1" when it should have been an "l".

I thanked her and entered the info... The modem takes ages to mess about with the new info and so I thanked her and we left it and since it was coming up to 8pm and I had to run and get my daughter, I had to end the phone call anyway.
Now, I still cannot get conected, and I have gone through all variations of "l", "i", and "1" and even "!" in both the username and the password and the thing is still not getting onto the internet.

So, again tomorrow, I am going to yet again have to phone them up and yet again, I am going to have to go through the username and password.


I asked if she could text the details or email them through to me and she said she would, however, I got a text on my landline, not the Mobile and so it spoke to me the details in a seriously rubbish voice that I repeated and saved but cannot now get at it, and so thats now gone and I have not had a text to my mobile or an email to my PC so that I can fully and properly check the info.

But the thing is, that on both phone calls, I fully verified the username and password and both phone calls they said different usernames and passwords ( although so, so close to being the same )

Im really annoyed about it if I am honest.


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I'm really sorry to hear about the problems you've had getting your new router up and running @FatRakoon. Have you managed to get this resolved since you last posted? 

If not, so one of our team can take a look into providing you with your username and password; I've sent you a private message so you can contact us directly. 

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