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How to block the VPNs connections from my router

3: Seeker

Hi everybody!

I have been running with Vodafone router for long years, and I have blocked the access to adult sites with DNS service from the router with Yandex protection from the pornography sites because I have children I have to control their smartphones from time to time. but recently I have discovered that there is another way to access adult content trough connecting VPN applications with the router and this way makes accessing the pornography sites easier. My question is: how should I do to block the VPNs connections with my router?  and thanks for everyone's answer!

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16: Advanced member

Okay, this all needs a little sense and sensibility here!


I can't speak for the new THG3000 router, but the VPN abilities of the VOX2.5/HHG2500 ia a pretty much end to end, rather than an end to service implementation (and not well done at that).  So it would be hard if not impossible to set up on the older router, and even if you did, these are not free services.

Your problem comes if you have VPN software installed on individual devices, as these create an end to service connection, and so they are designed to punch straight through (almost) *ANYTHING* that you can implement on the router or within your network.  So the only way you'd have to control such access would be to lock down each individual device on the device itself!


Just be careful that you are not over-reacting, and maybe consider physical means to prevent/reduce access - ie no phones or computing devices in bedrooms at night.


*ANYTHING*, me saying something like this is almost like a challenge to myself.  I can conceive of a means to smart-snoop on the network and then shut down the ports being used by an unauthorised VPN.  But it's cat and mouse, and could cause problems due to false positives.


Also as a business primer:

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