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Other broadband queries

How to configure router to block certain websites?

1: Seeker


I would like to configure a network wide block for certain news websites. I've considered using raspberrypi as a proxy, but wonder whether the same can be achieved by remoting onto the router? Router portal says that it uses certain open software, so I there should be a way to remote onto the router and introduce the necessary website blocks. 


I'm not interested in setting up blocks on every device as it will drive me mad.

Thank you

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16: Advanced member

If it is possible to open up a terminal to access the router then it's not something that Vodafone publicise, and I'm only aware of a couple of ISP provided routers that have ever offered that capability.


So, I'm running an Asus RT-AC86U with the Merlin firmware, and I've run diversion on the router in the past.  However, I'm now (back to) running Pi-Hole on a couple of Raspberry Pi 4's.  Diversion is great until it's not and then it's a pain to change the settings.


If I were trying to do this again, the easiest way is going to be to get a Raspberry Pi, and use DietPi for a really easy and quick setup.  The tech level to do this is pretty basic.

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4: Newbie

Sick a Raspberry Pi on the network, add the PiHole software, and let PiHole become the DHCP server, primary DNS and blacklist manager. This works a treat and should you ever decide to change router you would not have to remember all the settings for the things that PiHole does for you.

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