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Other broadband queries

I cancelled my broadband before it was due to start - why am I still getting charges and e-mails on

2: Seeker

Hi there,

I had initially ordered home broadband with yourselves which was due to be activated on the 31st of March. Due to a change in circumstance I phoned to cancel this order on the 21st March. A few days later I got a text about a package from Vodafone beign due to be delivered, which I assume was the router. I phoned customer services again on either the 24th or 25th of March to confirm the cancellation was getting processed and what to do with the package getting delivered. As advised by customer services, I refused the delivery so that the router would be returned to sender.


Despite cancelling the service over a full working week before the service was due to start, and well before the 48 hours timeframe you ask for before the service is due to start, I have still recieved an e-mail on the 29th March billing me for £15.45 for my broadband service (which should have been cancelled!). I also got an e-mail on the 7th April entitled "Help with your home broadband speeds" from Vodafone.


Can I get confirmation that my broadband service has indeed been cancelled and that any charges will be refunded as is my right by law to back out of a contract before it begins without penalty?




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17: Community Champion

Hi @ally153 


Unfortunately there is no account access assistance via the Vodafone forum.

You'll need to liaise with customer service or the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries as they have account access.

If Vodafone do take payment via Direct debit then either ask Vodafone to refund it or ask your Banks customer services to invoke the Direct Debit Guarantee and they'll put the money back in your account.

Just ensure Vodafone do confirm they've cancelled so they don pursue that returned payment.  I'm sure you don't want this escalating to Vodafone chasing payment or engaging debt collection agencies and in the extreme add something onto your Credit File.

Did you get any paperwork from the courier that you refused delivery to support you refused the delivery of the router.

I wish you all the best with this situation. 


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