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Other broadband queries

I have two questions....

2: Seeker

My first question is why are there never any online operators available? Seems a bit pointless to offer it if I can't use it.


My more improtant question is why does my "new" router give a connection speed of 80mb/s when I connect via the LAN yet I only get between 20 - 25mb/s when using a wifi device. 


I have checked the channels and there's none on the spectrum I'm using. I've even tried every channel and there is zero change in the poor speed.

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15: Advanced member

Why are there never any operator available?  One should be along in around 45mins!  *Caution if you use a mobile that cuts you off after an hour, best not to use this to contact VF.

Mobile speeds:  The 2.4GHz WiFi on the router is horribly hobbled.  Out of the box the maximum sync speed is only 75Mbps, and you only ever really expect a data rate of about half the sync speed on 802.11n.  This gives you pretty much a maximum of 37Mbps.  Add to that the WiFi antennas NOT being very good, and not oriented in any sensible manner and the speeds drop off substantially very quickly.  *Over distance the actual transmission speed drops off very rapidly compared to the sync speed.  Another thing seems to be that the VF router does not handle multiple concurrent devices on the 2.4GHz very well (compared to 3rd party routers).


*802.11n devices will often continue to display an initial sync speed which will not reflect the "momentary" sync speed which may be higher or lower than initially.  In a crowded WiFi environment "simple" 802.11n clients will rarely sync at greater than 150Mbps.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hey @grunver. It sounds like you’ve tried to contact us during an exceptionally busy period.

I’m sorry if you’ve had to wait for a long time.

The router's Wi-Fi speeds always been a bit less than what you can achieve over a LAN connection due to overheads, possible interference and even the encryption it uses. If you’re only getting about 20Mbps though, I’d agree that this isn't quite right.


It’s difficult for us to guarantee speeds over Wi-Fi as there’s simply to many factors that can affect the signal.

It also depends how you’re testing. 


Are you testing in the same room as the router?

Have you got an older laptop, using an older standard of Wi-Fi perhaps?
It might be an idea also to test again with nothing else connected to the router on LAN or Wi-Fi just to be sure the speed is accurate.



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2: Seeker


When is it not an exceptionally busy time to contact Vodafone? 


I have a one bedroom flat, a very small one at that. I have tested in the same room as the router so that the 3m cat5 cable I have can connect. I've used two laptops, one six years old and one two years old, a tablet, and three phones (iPhone 5s, iPhone 6and a oneplus 6t) they all say my WiFi speed is poor. By contrast my previous supplier, plusnet, offered and 40mb and I received 30+ by WiFi. Can I use my own routes - asus n66u? 



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Moderator (Retired)

We're aware that some of our contact channels have been busier that usual recently, and we're working towards improving this. Wer'e generally less busy in the mornings, and our Live Chat team's available 24/7.


If the throughput of your router's just slow, no matter what channel you use, or what's connected to it, then we'll need to look into this in a bit more detail. We'll need to do a bit of testing to make sure your service has no issues.. but we're happy to replace the router if it's faulty.


I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch so we can get the ball rolling. 















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