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Other broadband queries

Inconsistent Customer Support

1: Seeker

I feel like I'm in that movie Groundhog Day where it keeps repeating over and over or like an infinite loop as my username says.


I signed up for a mobile/broadband package in August last year. I have had no problem with my mobile account - thank goodness. My broadband service experience has been a nightmare. I originally had an installation date 2 weeks after I signed up. Long story short. After repeated missed installation dates and miscommunication between Vodafone and OpenReach, and NUMEROUS frustrated calls on my part, I finally got my broadband service about 3 MONTHS after I signed up!  The promotion instructions were to request the gift once service was activated and that's what I did. But I never received a letter or email from Vodafone. When I was finally sent a link and code for the gift from Vodafone support in December, it did not work and said my account was not recognized. I have called numerous times with no success. I just got an email from Vodafone TLC saying I missed the deadlines which is false. It's Vodafone who has missed dates and caused delays.  My broadband activation did not happen until after the promotion ended on October 19, 2018 (which I was not aware of). What upsets me is this email from TLC support who clearly did not understand the history and timeline of my case and sent me a form letter saying I missed the dates. I have actually not had any bad experience with the broadband service itself once it was installed. But the support experience has been a nightmare for 5 months I've been a customer. Promises, promises, promises with no follow-through. I am not impressed and will be looking to cancel both mobile and broadband and find another provider unless Vodafone can make this right. 

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13: Advanced Member


i hoped you claims compensation for the missed appointment , if you did not then i would suggest that you make a complaint and ask for your compensations from the complaint department as set out by ofcom

I would also suggest that you speak to the uk newcastle complaint team , if you do ring up ask to speak to the uk one or hang up and phone back



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13: Advanced Member

I'd just add that although fulfillment is supposed have been through TLC your contract is with Vodafone NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU.  Normally you could use this to go into dispute, but in this case your best bet is probably to go through the smal claims court.  Vodafone in this case does not have a leg to stand on - you just have to remember that your contract is with Vodafone and NOT TLC!

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 Hi @Infinitelooper, you've certainly not had a great experience there.


The promotion itself was done by TLC, however I appreciate that you’ve had to wait a long time for an installation.


As your query is account specific we’re unable to help you on the forum, If you’d like to speak to us further about this then this private message will advise you on how to get in touch.



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