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Other broadband queries

Internet dropping out randomly and below promised speed

2: Seeker

For over a week now I have been having internet outages and the speed I am getting is far below the guaranteed speed of 55 Mb for the SuperFast 2 board band I am on.

I have downloaded and used the Broadband checking tool and it confirms the issue is on the Sync Speed (Exchange to my house) side and I have been discounted but told it is being looked into. However, I have had no updates or notifications of when it is being looked into or what the status is and I can't get through to an adviser.

As a lot of people are I am working from home and having my internet be slow and random drop-off is impacting my work so I need this fixed as soon as possible but I am not getting any update on anything.

When will this be fixed? 

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Hey @Cwallace86, I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulty connecting to our Broadband service. Pop us a message through one of our Social Channels and we'll be happy to take a look into this for you 😁

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