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Other broadband queries

Is Vodafone ever going to send out my free gift - a GoPro?

2: Seeker

I ordered my broadband at the start of the August promotion - due to a muck up between Vodafone and BT the service was not activated till 21 September - therefore I was unable to register for my free gift until 21 October - which I duely did - a week later got my confirmation stating it would be sent within 14 days - but allow for 30. Just before the 30 days was up I got another email saying due to there being no stock there would be a further 14 days delay -  after 14 days I still hadn't received the DPD text so I chased what was going on - assured there was now stock and the GoPro would be with me in a couple of days - WRONG - after 3 days I chased and told it was still in the queue for processing!!!  I don't know if Vodafone is genuinely going to honour this promotion or its jusy one big con - trouble is I'm now contracted to vodafone with both broadband and mobile and I don't trust them. 

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Moderator (Retired) Joe
Moderator (Retired)

@refuser Hi there, this isn't how we'd want our customers to feel 😞 We'd be more than happy to look in to this for you. I've sent you a private message on how to get in contact with us directly on here. Please send us a message and one of the team will be in contact as soon as we can. Joe

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