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Other broadband queries

Is it possible to block mobile app internet access over wifi?

2: Seeker

I have experimented with the content profiles and can block, for example, social media entirely (browsers and mobile apps).


However, if I want to block a specific website (such as Instagram) it only applies to access from a browser - mobile apps still have access.


Is it possible to individually block mobile apps connected to my WiFi router ?


I thought it would be as it's possible to block all social media, but my contact with tech support  (both through online chat and the phone) have been very disappointing. They don't seem to have much technical knowledge and to be honest, it was a waste of time.


I'm hoping I might get an answer here, thanks in advance.

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15: Advanced member

There are third-party routers and devices that claim to be able to manage this, to a degree at least.  The problem is that it's just as easy for whoever you are wanting to block, to then get around the blocks.  So it's a bit of a hassle to set up, and once in place you are really in an arms race to keep the blocks in place!

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12: Established

In most cases a VPN would get around any blocks applied at a router

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the reply.


I think the way the Vodafone content profile works is from their servers or something, it's not router based. I have to log in to my online account and block from there. Essentially, I want to limit my kids' use of social media but not necessarily my wife's... we have poor mobile reception in our house so it would be difficult to circumvent.


As I say, when I click the preference to block all social media, it does work. It's just a matter of customising that somehow...

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