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Other broadband queries

Is the Vodafone Connect modem/router not very good?

2: Seeker

I've recently moved to Vodafone as the home phone & broadband deal they offered couldn't be beaten.  As part of this I received a Vodafone connect modem/router (model: HHG2500).


I was on fibre broadband before moving to Vodafone and never had any issues with connection in my house (it's only small).  However since moving to Vodafone and changing the modem/router, I now no longer get a wifi signal on my iPhone when in my living room.  To make matters worse, because I live in the countryside, the mobile signal is terrible, meaning suddenly my phone has no internet connection at all.


It would strike me as an incredible coincidence if my line developed a fault at the exact same time as I switched broadband provider, so I can only conclude that it's the signal that is being given off by the modem/router that is not as good as my old modem/router? (Technicolor TG589vac).


I don't know much about networking, but is is possible to switch back to my old modem/router and give it my Vodafone credentials.  As I think this would likely solve my issue?


My parents have also recently moved to Vodafone and have had similar issues, which makes me think even more that it's the modem/router that not helping.

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13: Advanced Member

To get another router to work you need to ask support for your connection userid which will be in the format where at is a proper @ sign, and the 8 character password. If asked say that you plan to user a router on the BT Sin 498 list.   The Technicolor TG589vac may work if it is supports VDSL2.

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13: Advanced Member

If there's nothing wrong with the router then the signal penetration on it is as good as most modern modems.


There is at least one bug on the router that halves the network speed (and penetration) on the 2.4GHz band.  If you go to the WiFi tab and then settings set the bandwidth to 20/40MHz and then pick a specific channel.  Just doing that will double the connection speed for most devices on that band (the 5GHz band works fine).

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