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Other broadband queries

LAN connections

2: Seeker

Had Vodafone BB since last Friday, WiFi working well. I have a Sonos, iMac computer & powerline adaptor connected to the LAN connections of the router. They appear to be dead. Can’t connect ??

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13: Advanced Member

So for example in the iMac how is the network adapter configured?

Are there any flashing lines where the network cable connects?

How many cables and ports on the router have your tried?

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Hey @Crewchief, have you reset your powerline adapters? There's usually a reset button on them.

Mine show a green light when connected, amber if connected with some noise on the line, and red when there's no connection at all. 


Also, have you tried all of the Ethernet ports on the router? Just in case it's a faulty port.


If you get the powerline adapters working and your devices still don't connect, have you maybe setup your devices for a a static IP address? If so, try changing to get the IP address form the router automatically.





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