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Looking for Gigafast Install photos

2: Seeker

I'm due to get Vodafone Gigafast 500 installed at my home on the 7th of may, and I'd like to be as prepared as possible for the install.

Does anyone here have any pictures of a completed install?

Looking for both whats fitted to the outside of the wall and how it's presented on the inside. I'm in a rented house so want to make sure the impact is as minimal as possible. Landlord is fine with the install but want to make sure I'm not leaving them with a horrible mess.

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6: Helper

Hi Connor,


I will take pictures of the kit that was installed outside my home and inside when I get home. I will post them on here later this evening for you.


The mess made in my home was minimal in my case and the installer cleaned up any mess made by drilling through into my living room from my outside wall to mount the Cityfibre box.





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6: Helper

Here are pictures as requested.



Outside 20190325_170716.jpg



Inside 20190302_185014.jpg


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