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Other broadband queries

Losing connection for tv

3: Seeker

I now have the 100 gigafast service.  Previously I had TalkTalk 35mbps broadband but thought fibre would be more stable. I used to watch streaming TV through my wireless Nowtv Stick with no problems.  Now I can't watch even a short programme without it losing connection be several times.  I've even had the same problem, but less often, on the wired TV connection. Have tried resetting and the stick is on channel 6.  Also "boosted" through the app, but still dropped out.  Router is near tv.  Seriously considering going back to my old supplier. I see some answers say turn off other devices, but I got the service to allow multi device use.  Any advice would be welcome. 

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Hi @Suzied 👋 We want to make sure you are getting a stable internet connection, with you saying you have been experiencing this on a wired connection as well as wireless I think it best that we do some tests on your line. If you are able to call 08080 034 515 and our dedicated Gigafast team will be able to look into this.

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