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Other broadband queries


2: Seeker


Magbox was working perfectly "until" i got a new router last week. Hd will not play at all, breaking up. Internet Speedtest is 50mbps. Speedtest on magbox less than 3mbps. No idea what has happened.

Any advice is welcome.


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 Hey @Pnd123, that's a bit strange. 


There's a couple of really basic things to check first.


Is your Magbox connected by Ethernet? If so, have you tried another port on the router? Also have you reset the router?



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3: Seeker

Have you tried it with a vpn?


Bet it works...something is up with Vodafone as mine stopped working start of December and still the same now; I have to use vpn for it to work now

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4: Newbie

There’s  no point wasting your time checking this.  There are now dozens of threads on here all with different titles that come down to the same issue of slow single thread download speeds.  For some reason Vodafone won’t acknowledge this and customers are getting fobbed off.  Try think broadbands speed test and see what download rate you are really getting for any single file download/streaming.  Also try a vpn as above you will most likely find the speed will increase.

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@nawo69 @Pnd123 I'd also ask you to try using a different DNS. I know this sounds strange but sometimes the DNS look up will take a different route to the website location. Please try this and let me know how you get on with the speeds. Joe

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