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Other broadband queries

More than 3 weeks, and still no router shipped ...

2: Seeker

I experienced some issues with my router.

After getting in touch with support, I've been told a new router will be shipped as a emmergency,

Recontacted support after a week as nothing came.

Been told, it hasn't been shipped, we are sending you the new one now.

1 more week and still nothing, recontacted support, been told we are fixing that for you, new will arrive shortly.

4 days more, and still nothing ...

How long will it take you to send this router ?

I start getting quite frustrated, I love been [Removed] by polite but finally helpless support.

Any help or idea to get this sorted ?




[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove inappropriate content, please see Community Guidelines]

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@Marc75 I appreciate how frustrating this experience must have been with the delivery of your replacement router! I'd love the opportunity to get this looked into and turn this around. So a member of our team can take a closer look into your account, please contact our team via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or get in touch on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Don't forget to include the link to this thread, along with your username.

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2: Seeker

Still not able to get a proper answer, with a tracking number.

Looks like vodafone is much better to censor a word (witch wasn't rude but was describing the situation) than bringing a solution to a simple shipping issue.

Not impressed at all


PS i ve contacted as required using facebook: worst chat experience i ever had, long time to get an answer, and finally nothing, no help, no answer ... ho, being told to go in store as it looks like I failed the security question: How many contract do you have with vodafone ... Will be 0 shortly !


@loz  there is no deeper look to have into my account, only thing to be done is shipping a replacement router as agreed with chat support, but it looks too complicated for vodafone...


Good to take new order, but very bad to keep existing customers


Edit 1: have been called back by support, after 45 got finally transfered to a manager who told me this time my issue will be sorted and I'll receive the confirmation from dpd shortly. Still quite sceptical.

Edit 2: Looks like this time job was done. I received DPD delivery confirmation for today.


Issue finally sorted after more than 5 weeks, 4 chats, 2 calls, 1 bad experience of social media support, 1 formal complain left without answer for the last 6 days (Supposed to be answered within 5 ...)
BTW,  as final feedback for this incident, It is NOT acceptable to have to fight with a provider to get such a simple issue sorted. Will see for my remaining contract time, but will certainly get back to another supplier once over.


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