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Other broadband queries

Moving Fibre Cable to ONT

2: Seeker

We have recently upgraded to Superfast 2 broadband.  BT Openreach came out and installed a fibre cable into the house but ran the new fibre cable through the front door frame.  We have ordered a new front door recently and the joiner has said that BT need to come and disconnect the cable so they can fit the new door.


It was unfortunate I didn't realise that when the engineer was fitting it.


However I assume BT (or VF) will charge to do this.  Do anyone know how much they charge to do it?

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Hey there @mkinross - I'd be unable to confirm is there would be a charge for this and if yes, how much that would be. I'd advise contacting us on social media with your landline/account number so that we can get in touch with the engineers and see if they can advise further on this.

Make sure to include a link back to this forum thread so you don't have to repeat yourself.

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