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Netgear D7000 no internet

2: Seeker

Hi All

Im new to forums so be kind. 


I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with the Netgear D7000. My problem is that once going through the Netgear genie set up and rebooting all relevant lights are white and solid but the internet light stays solid orange/amber. When I plug my Vodafone router back in all is good and I'm getting my normal quarter what I was promised maximum speed, hence the change of set up.


I had the Netgear X300 router just before and got phenomenal speeds but could not use a VPN with chrome cast. After some light googling I saw that a VPN can be put straight onto the D7000 modem\router so i just exchanged in shop, is that correct or have I had my pants pulled down?


Any help with the amber light situation or the VPN options then please let me know, your help would be massively appreciated.



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16: Advanced member

Slightly confused as to how you were using an XR300 (not X300?) as it's only a router and has no modem.  If you were plugging an XR300 into A VF modem+router then there's the possibility that thanks to double-NAT you could indeed have had problems.


The Netgear D7000 is a totally different proposition since it is indeed a modem+router.  However, in order to use it you need to get your username in the format "123456 at" and password " off Vodafone.  You'll need these for the PPPoE settings and will need to use VLAN=101 too.


That should get the connection working, but while the VF routers are not good, I really doubt that you are going to quadruple your connection speed .  I suspect that may need a call to VF support - It's going to be worth telling us what your connection speeds are!


Get the thing connected first and then we can try helping you with the VPN.  It's worth noting though that most (not all I can subvert this on my own) router-based VPN solutions are going to send all traffic down the VPN pipe and not just the Chromecast.


*Based on Superfast 1 or 2 (VDSL), details for FTTP/FTTH would be different!

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