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Netgear d7000 and WiFi

2: Seeker

Hi there, 


I recently purchased the Netgear router and went through the set up process and it all works fine. 


However I went into the app to set up the WiFi channels, separating 2.5 5ghz, and that was all okay, however I still have the old Vodafone WiFi name kicking around as a network to connect too.


It appears to be the 2.5 channel and some devices seem to switch between the Vodafone one and my newly created one.


I dont think I should have both. 


Any tips?


The key being that the Vodafone seems to have the better WiFi signal which I can't work out either 



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16: Advanced member

Using the D7000 you should have been able to unplug the VF router from the wall and just connect your new router via a filter or faceplate directly to the wall.  Of course, you'll need to have had VF send your user name and password to you.


Once it's unplugged from the wall and the mains, your devices should no longer be able to see the VF modem/router.

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2: Seeker

I did all of that, took out the old router and put it away. 


Got my username and Password, and set up the new router. 


And yet I still see 3 WiFi options. 


My 2 new ones and the old VF one

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