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Netgear xr500

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I'd like to use the Netgear xr500 over the supplied router, what is the easiest way to go about this?  As the supplied router doesn't have a modem mode, is the best way the method of getting my own modem and obtaining the PPPoE username and password.  Or is there a simpler way? All that Google did for me was return results that were over a year old.  


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17: Community Champion

Although this is an old thread @RLCAL94  it may still hold relevant information.




If not then the Broadband Team via Contact-us should be able to help.

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I’m not sure if you have managed to get the Gigafast working with the xr500. On the attached pictures you can find the settings, that made my XR500 work.

For the MAC address I’ve used the MAC address  of the original Gigafast router (found on the bottom)



ArpadSettings - DumaOS.pngSettings - DumaOS 2.pngSettings - DumaOS 3.pngSettings - DumaOS 4.png

That's amazing @trompeusz. Thanks for sharing 🙂


I have gone through the same settings as the photos but for some reason still can’t get my xr500 to work 

One thing I did notice on your IP address and DNS servers you have them boxes filled in mine are blank could that be the problem 




The IP address and the DNS gets automatically populated after the connection is established.


Please double-check the username and password you are using to not mix up 1s with L-s and 0s with O-s. (I had issue with that).


I'm not having any more this router, as I had a serious issue with it (not communication between wireless and wired devices) so I had to return it.





yes tried all that I even got the username and password from Vodafone on three different occasions to make sure I was getting the right information I get Internet connection when I connect the DM200 to my laptop but when I plug the ethernet cable from the DM200 to the XJ500 I can’t get any Internet

Ah, I think the settings I've posted will not work for you. Those settings were for the Vodafone Gigafast where you do not need to have a DSL router.


In your case, you need to set the XR500 into repeater/access point mode. And plug the ethernet cable from the DM200 to the WAN/Internet port of the XR500.


Other settings on the internet side are not required.





I see you a have Netgear XR500 connected up to the Vodaphone gigafast service, I have just gotten connected up to the service. I am looking to get my XR500 connected up to it can I assume that you have the XR500 connected directly up to the ONT box? Also do you use their VOIP service, if so is connected upto through the XR500?