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Network file sharing not working with new Vodafone router

2: Seeker

I have just got a new Vodafone THG3000 wi-fi hub.

I am busy moving my devices to the new hub but I have noticed that I cannot share files or connect between PCs.  

If I try a basic Ping between two PCs on the Wifi I am getting this message:


Reply from Destination host unreachable.


It is as if there is a firewall or something blocking the connection between these PCs.  They worked fine on my old WiFi router, so must be some setting in this new router.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Hey @chrisd081972, are you getting an internet connection through the new router in general? If so, it's less likely to be causing the connection issues between the two PCs. Just in case, please see the video below. It talks you through updating your routers content controls to remove any restrictions that may be on the line.

It could be an issue between the two PCs software, however if it's worked on the previous router, I would recommend making sure that your PCs are as updated as they can be; as well as googling the specific PC models and "connection issues" to see if there is any further help there.

Please click here to speak to an agent via social media to take a look into your new router specifically if you're still having issues after updating the content controls

Let us know how you get on 😊

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