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Other broadband queries

Network key - broadband router

3: Seeker

I have been studying the manual for Vodafone Business Broadband Router. What I find confusing is the settings which shows two columns for SSID Wi-fi password and network key. What are the Wi-fi password and network key used for? I would appreciate the clarification for this. Thanks.

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4: Newbie

i dont have a VF router but i guess its for the 2.4 and 5ghz wifi, im sure someone will tell me if i am wrong.




you could be talking about the wep key?


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3: Seeker

THank you. I may not have expressed myself well. It seems that there are two passwords for the wireless network in the router settings: Wifi SSID password and network key. I always thought that there is only one Wifi password. Why is the network key there and what it is for? 

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14: Advanced member

I'm guessing this is a different router to the standard consumer model!  The "network key" sounds like what would normally be called the WPS PIN!  It's supposed to be a quick and easy way to set up a WiFi connection.  If not properly implemented it's also rather to quick and easy to hack your WiFi!

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1: Seeker

I have been using the broadband services from many days but recently started getting the gmail server error 007 which should be fixed because it is disturbing a lot.

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3: Seeker

Mea culpa! I was looking at screenshots of this router's the Wifi setup and I noticed

two fields for setting the password which showed me the field for the Wifi password

and another field called Network key. When I actually got my hands n the router

it tunrned out that the Network key field comes up when you want to change the

Wifi password. Many apologies for this confusion but I have to say this router is

far from clear - not like the Netgear routers I am used to.

Many thanks for your patience.

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