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Other broadband queries

New WiFi Hub Specs

2: Seeker


Signed up for Fibre today, going live at the start of September.

Does anyone have specs for the new router that's coming? This is the black/red rectangular box version.



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15: Advanced member

When you say you signed up for Fibre, it really depends on which "Fibre".  If it's FTTP then you'll get the router detailed on this page along with a separate Fibre Optic modem.


If you are on Superfast 1 or 2 then you may get that same router (doesn't need the external modem though), but it's more likely you'll get the utterly horrendous Huawei HHG2500.


*This seems to be a change from Vodafone's planned router road map, which was supposed to have been based on an upcoming TP-Link Mesh enabled router!

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2: Seeker

That’s great, thanks for the info. I signed up today for Superfast, on the basis gigafast is due to come online for me (according to the Vodafone sales rep) within a couple of months. 


The blurb I read on the website said the newer routers were being issued for new superfast connections. If I get the old HHG2500 I’ll most definitely be cancelling!

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