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Other broadband queries

New(ish) build home

2: Seeker


I'm looking to switch to Vodafone broadband from BT but when I try online it says the service is not available in my area.


I've been told that if I have fibre with bt then I should be able to get fibre with Vodafone. 


We are on a new build estate, but been here for over a year now and been using BT fibre for all of that time. 


How long does it take for Vodafone to update their records? 


I really want to do the switch online as currently I can get £100 cashback through topcashback online so I don't really want to switch over the phone.


Is there anyone I can contact to set up the postcode as valid so it will work online? 




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16: Advanced member

There's fibre and then there's fibre.  So there is a difference between FTTP/FTTH (fibre to the property or hub) and FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet).  In most cases if it's FTTC then it's open to the market - and you'd be able to sign up with almost any provider if they are willing to install their equipment at your local exchange.

If on the other hand it's FTTP/FTTH then there are now agreements in place between BT/VF/Virgin, but they are not (yet at least) national.


*Personally if it's FTTP/FTTH I've probably steer clear of cross supply arrangements - it's fine while it works, but some providers can barely support their own users!

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