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Other broadband queries

No broadband since 4 days already...

2: Seeker



I decided to write here as I am really tired of waiting for Vodafone to send someone to set up my phone line and activate my broadband.


I have moved few days ago to a new house and I advised you with advance. You have promised to send someone on 10th of July in the morning.

I was waiting whole day for someone to come and no one was showing up. After 1pm I called customer service and the consultant said they don't know what happened but no one is going to come today and they will contact me within 48 hours to advise new setup date.

I understand everyone can make a mistake, so I decided to wait. On 12th I decided to call again because no one contacted me as promised and... the same story - I have been told to wait another 48 hours and someone will contact me within this time. Meanwhile I got a message they are looking at my problem and they will keep me updated.

As I really need broadband for my work and personal life I called again today and I have been told the activation department is not working on weekends and someone will contact me within 48 hours and the consultant said she doesn't think engineer will visit us within 10 (sic!) days. She mentioned we should receive a compensation for this problem, but honestly - I just want a normal broadband, without any problems and with promised speed, however I am afraid Vodafone will not be able to guarantee any of these.


I am totally mad. I have wasted whole day of my holidays with my parents who came to visit me from abroad for few days, waiting for engineer who did not show up. Everytime when we called customer service everyone was playing a game and no one gave us any helpful information. I am very disappointed, distressed and angry because on Monday I will have to find another place to work, I will not be able to watch today's and tomorrow's football matches and I am feeling completely ignored as a customer. I could accept 2 days without internet, but 4 is too much and it seems I will have to way another 10 days......


Would anyone here be able to help me with that issue? Could anyone tell me what compensation I can claim for this whole situation?

Thank you in advance and for your time


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Hi @janusz712 I can appreciate your point of view here, you're simply seeking a reliable service from us but seem to be facing some hurdles. I am sorry for this. We're happy to check what's happening for you and try and give as much information as possible. In terms of compensation this is something that's discussed once your query has been resolved. 


Please send us your details via the private message I've sent you. 

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2: Seeker

Hi Adam,


Thank you so much for your help. We've got a message 2 days ago that the engineer will come to set up broadband on 26th of July, so 16 days later than expected... I feel totally hopeless, I couldn't print out tickets for airplane for my parents at home, so I had to ask friends for help, my girlfriend spend already about £30 for data addons on her mobile and I feel simply tired of waiting


Anyway, thank you for your will to help

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I'm sorry for the delay in getting an engineer to take a look into your issue @janusz712. So we look into ways we can help keep you connected whilst waiting for the engineer visit, please reply to our latest email. 

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