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Outgoing traffic limited to single IP address in a block

2: Seeker

I have a Vodafone business broadband connection with 8 additional static IP addresses, five of which are usable. I am using the standard supplied Vodafone router. - Network address - Router address - 1st usable address - 2nd usable address (outgoing traffic blocked) - 3rd usable address (outgoing traffic blocked) - 4th usable address (outgoing traffic blocked) - 5th usable address (outgoing traffic blocked) - Broadcast address

The problem I have is that outgoing traffic from my internal network can only go out from the first usable IP address, outgoing traffic from any of the other four IP addresses is blocked by the router. So all outgoing services are having to use a single IP address. Incoming traffic seems to work as expected.


Is it possible to configure the router to allow outgoing traffic from any of the other usable IP addresses, if so how?



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16: Advanced member

It's supposed to work according to the instructions you'll find in Vodafone Business Static IP user guide , but this assumes that Vodafone have set everything up at their end correctly.  If you've followed that guide, and it's not working then you'll almost certainly need to speak or webchat to VF support!

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