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P2P & Newsgroups do not work as of last night!

2: Seeker

I have been a customer of Vodafone for 3 months, as of last night I tried to download software using a P2P client, the speed was 0KB/s fluctuating up to about 10KB and back to 0. Because of this I tried to download using Newsgroups, which I pay for a 100Mb/s connection which has always been stable. As of last night this would not even connect on my Vodafone Internet. 


I also have Newsgroups and P2P apps on my phone and tablet. On both of these it still would not connect to either service, (just as a side note, normal Internet browsing was still at full speed)


After this I tried turning WiFi off on my phone and using 4G, this got my P2P and Newsgroups to work instantly. 


You say you do not throttle... My services are now unusable and if it does not get solved by the end of the week I'm going to legal to get my contract cancelled as it is not acceptable to say you do not throttle and then completely stop my services from working as of yesterday . 

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It's really strange that your p2p client and newsgroup services have suddenly stopped working @BlessingOfChaos.

It's unlikely that we've changed anything to cause this to happen though. 


If you're using something like a bittorrent client, as well as downloading, are you also uploading?

If so, have you checked to see the amount of bandwidth the upload is actually using? 





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