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Password for Huawei HHG2500 Vodafone router

2: Seeker

I'm trying to log onto a Huawei HHG2500 Vodafone router so I can change the wifi password.
The login page says "Enter your Vodafone Connect router password to manage your settings."

The underside of the router says that my Vodafone Router password is "vodafone" but that didn't work.

After googling, I've tried <blank>, "admin", "admin1234", "vodafone/admin1234" but none of them work.
I've factory reset it and tried them all again with no luck.
Does anyone know what the default password is for this device?
It shouldn't be this hard to get to the settings ....

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16: Advanced member

I hope this will help.


The VF router seems to run a lot of local scripts which means the admin pages can take a few seconds to load properly.  So after you've navigated to the log in screen wait about 5 seconds - then type in "vodafone" as the password - keeping an eye on the screen to ensure no other text pops into the dialog in the meantime!


There is als the problem that it can be harder to reset than you would think!  With the power on you may need to keep the reset button pressed in for upto seven seconds for it to reset.  Make sure that the reset button is fully held down for that time too - a paperclip seems to be a better option than say a ballpoint pen (NEVER USE A PENCIL).


I know it seems like teaching you to suck eggs, but this router is such a POS that being so damn pedantic is often necessary!

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6: Helper

If you are still not getting any luck, try deleting from your browser all the cookies associated with (assuming you haven't changed the router's ip address to anything else). I have to do this regularly to log in using the Safari browser on my Mac, otherwise it would just keep on saying incorrect password. As ISP routers go, this one takes the biscuit.

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2: Seeker

Thanks folks, that worked.
To summarise, if anybody needs this:

- Factory reset the router with a paperclip held in for about 8 seconds.

- Clear the cookies for the router address on the browser you are using. Typically this is

- Point to with your browser (or the router address if different).

- Wait for 10 seconds after the page has displayed.

- It will tell you that you need to set a new Vodafone Connect password and will ask for the old password - use "vodafone" (without the quotes).

- Set a new password and log in.



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