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Other broadband queries

Placed a broadband order online but no dial tone on Bt line

3: Seeker

I am moving to Vodafone broadband 2 after previously having virgin media. I have a Landline phone plugged into the virgin hub.  I opted to port my number during the order, but I wasn’t prompted about a working Bt line at the property (just an option for an additional line which I don’t want).


I’m aware that virgin use the old NTL phone lines and are completely separate lines to the ones Bt, Vodafone, talk talk, sky etc use.


I only moved to this property recently and so don’t know if the previous owners had a working Bt line or not. There is a Bt master socket by the front door, but there is no dial tone.

Would I have been notified during the Vodafone order process if there was no working Bt line? There is no engineer attendance required according to my order confirmation, but I don’t want to wait 2 weeks to discover nothing works on installation day.


Advice welcome.

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Hi @Labrajaws thanks for your message! It's perfectly normal that the BT socket doesn't have a dial tone as this won't be connected yet. Normally as part of the broadband order, if our system can see a BT/Openreach line in the property, we wouldn't request and engineer install, it would just be connected via the cabinet (green box in your street) - With you saying you haven't been given a date and time for an engineer, I assume it will just reconnecting the existing master socket there, but if you're not sure, please give us a shout of social media. We can view your account and give a definite answer on whether there is an engineer install or not 😀


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