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Other broadband queries

Port Forwarding

1: Seeker

Having recently joined Vodafone broadband I am trying to set up port forwarding for my Swann DVR. I have succesfully set this up with my previous ISP and all worked as it should. I have trawled other posts with regards to port forwarding but to no avail, it seems people have had troubles with port forwarding but there never seems to be a conclusion. I feel that everything is set up correctly but something is still blocking the ports. I am trying to open ports 85 and 9000 but getting nowhere. I have tried connecting to the ports from another network (4G) but I just get the message that the IP ----- took too long to respond.

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13: Advanced Member

What exactly are you trying to do?  Do you wish to access your Swann DVR remotely, i.e. from another site?

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