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Other broadband queries

Ps4 connect to vf router problem

2: Seeker

Hi, Trying to connect my ps4 to vodafone router but to no avail. It keep saying succesful in obtaining ip address but failed to connect to the internet. Although my home broadband is not yet live atm, im not sure if this is the cause because other devices can connect just fine like iphone ad android phones (although with limited access thanks to unremovable restriction bar/age restriction content= tried everything to remove it=chat up live, calling vf, fiddling with broadband app with the useless age verification process step) My mother is starting to regret joining vf but i told her to give them a break, as i am trying too=)

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The issue you're experiencing is due to your service not being active yet @User1405. If you're still unable to connect once the service is connected, get in touch and we'll be able to look into this for you.

Your mum will be able to remove the content control bar via the Broadband app.

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9: Established

Of course you're not going to get an internet connection until your connection is live. Your wireless devices can cannot to the WiFi without a problem, however as you've noted, they have "limited access" - not because of age restrictions, but because they still don't have any internet access.

Your mobile devices are connecting to WiFi and then going no further.

Your PS4 is connecting to the router (either cabled or WiFi) and then going no further.

Once your connection is live, then your mobile devices will no longer be limited and your PS4 will also be able to connect to the internet.

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