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Other broadband queries

Question to Gigafast owners

2: Seeker

Cityfibre just finished laying down the fibre optics on my street. How long it takes until I will be able to order the broadband? How did it look in your case guys?


Thanks in advance.

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Hey @HUBABUBA223, thanks for getting in touch; it's great to hear you're thinking of getting our Gigafast broadband. 

You can keep an eye on when it's available in your area here. I'm sorry I don't have an exact time for you, as this could depend on a few different factors. Maybe one of the other community members, might pop back to you with some more information. 

Please continue to keep us updated and don't hesitate to get back in touch with any other questions. 


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3: Seeker


For me they laid the tubes then about 3 weeks after they blow the fiber optics down the tubes then it was about another 3 weeks before it was up and running. I got mine in November 2018 when it was being trialed so might be diffrent.

once you get it you will love it. 🙂

had the biggest smile the first time i seen 900mb on a speed test.

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